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Making your own leather bag

Always wanted to design and make your own leather handbag? Then cursustassenmaken.nl (In Engish: BagMakingCourse) is really something for you! You will learn to work the leather and make a bag as a professional.

Cursustassenmaken.nl by Mrs. Rosehip is a training institute that offers a short professional vocational training in the form of courses, where you learn everything about making leather bags. From the first design on paper, pattern. drawing, via working with industrial machines and the processing of various types of leather, to the ultimate bag with contemporary haberdashery. 

In our courses, you learn to make leather bags and to master leather crafting in a traditional way. We offer vocational training in the form of an annual course or in part-time. You can also follow individual modules from the annual program. It is possible to start as a beginner. The advanced students can also enter at the level that matches their experience. The annual training and the combi deals are accommodated with us in the CTM Academy. We are registered in the NRTO register and the CRKBO.

Professional teachers

The courses are given by professional teachers.

Small groups and personal guidance

When you have completed all the courses you will have a good overview of the world of making bags and working with leather. Because you work in small groups with professional and personal guidance from well-trained teachers You can specialize yourself in all the finer points of the profession.

What do you learn?

From the design to the final product of the leather bag and everything that comes with it, such as insight into different bag constructions, knowledge of pattern and cutting techniques, knowledge of various types of leather, working with various industrial machines and specialist tools, the relevant leather and metalworks suppliers, which fairs are important to the profession and how you can think from 2D into 3D.


We also organize courses only in English
Interested? Please send an e-mail: roos@cursustassenmaken.nl