The beginners courses

You get started with a course of basic techniques for beginners. This entry level course gives you the skills to move on to the follow-up courses for beginners.

What kind of course is this?

The course of basic techniques is an entry and introductory course of 3 hours. You get an orientation course where the motto 'learning by doing' applies: you learn the theory by getting started with the leather, the tools and with the machines. And at the end of the course you will go home with a home made small simple bag of leather!

In the follow-up courses for beginners make your own real big bag. You can choose from two models. These are the Urban Shopper's (backpack) and the Trendy Shirtband Bag. You work with existing patterns. The follow-up courses last 20 hours each, divided over 5 half-days (4 hours).

In our courses, you learn to make leather bags and to master leather crafting in a traditional way. We offer vocational training in the form of an annual course or in part-time. You can also follow individual modules from the annual program. It is possible to start as a beginner. The advanced students can also enter at the level that matches their experience. The annual training and the combi deals are accommodated with us in the CTM Academy. We are registered in the CRKBO (Central Register of Short Professional Training).

  • At the end of the day you go home with a small self-made bag