Terms & Conditions

1. Cursustassenmaken.nl is a trade name of Mrs. Rosehip, a company based in The Hague and registrered in the Chambers of Commerce The Hague number 34346730. The adress for correspondence of Mrs Rosehip is Stevinstraat 141, 2587 ED The Hague. The adress of the studio is Stevinstraat 141, The Hague.

2. All assignments are accepted and carried out exclusively by Cursustassenmaken.nl.

3. Cursustassenmaken.nl has the right to instruct third parties for the execution of an assignment.

4. All liability of Cursustassenmaken.nl in connection with an assignment, unless caused by intent or gross negligence on the part of Cursustassenmaken.nl, shall be limited to € 5000.

5. The Client shall indemnify Cursustassenmaken.nl for all liability towards third parties in as far as resulting from, or otherwise connected with the assignment, unless such liability is caused by intent or gross negligence on the part of Cursustassenmaken.nl. Cursustassenmaken.nl is not responsible and liable for any failure to perform (properly) by these third parties. Cursustassenmaken.nl may, (also) on behalf of the Client, accept any liability limitations of these third parties.

6. The fees payable to Cursustassenmaken.nl shall be calculated on the basis of the rates shown on the website of Cursustassenmaken.nl. for the chosen training or education. When applicable, all amounts will be increased by VAT. Payment must be made within the term imposed in the invoice, failing which Cursustassenmaken.nl shall be authorised to dissolve the assignment automatically, without prejudice to its other rights.

7. If there is no payment made within the relevant term, Cursustassenmaken.nl shall have the right to raise the fees owed to Cursustassenmaken.nl, increased by the percentage by way of surcharge for office costs, with a minimum of € 40,-.

8. Cursustassenmaken.nl has the right, in case of cancellation of the training or eduction by Cursustassenmaken.nl, to offer the Client a fitting alternative training or course at a different time. The Client can only ask for restitution of payment in case the training or education is permanently cancelled by Cursustassenmaken.nl.

9. The cliënt has to right to cancel a training or education with 14 days after the booking was made without a fee due. After the start of a training or education no restitution of a fee is possible. In that case Cursustassenmaken.nl will try to find a fitting solution without prejudice.

10. The copyright of the study guide stays with Mrs. Rosehip. The cliënt will become the owner of material and the bag made during the training or the education, provided that all due fees are paid.  

11. The legal relationship between the Client and Cursustassenmaken.nl shall be governed by Dutch law. Disputes shall be submitted exclusively to the competent Dutch court.

12 These general conditions shall apply also for the benefit of the owner and all individuals who are or have been employed by Cursustassenmaken.nl, inclusive of their beneficiaries/heirs.

13. In the event of a conceptual difference in the interpretation of the Dutch text and the English text, the Dutch text shall prevail.

14. The general conditions of Mrs. Rosehip are not applicable in contracts by the Client with Cursustassenmaken.nl.

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